*** Verion 1.0 Now Available ***

FRST Decision Aid

Decision Aid User Manual

The Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool Project, or “FRST”, is a national initiative to modernize fertilizer recommendations by pooling expertise and soil test correlation and calibration data from across the country into an accessible decision support tool for phosphorus and potassium.

We expect it will provide additional soil test information to augment and refine existing recommendations. The FRST decision aid consists of inputs, an interactive map, and outputs. The user specifies criteria, and the decision aid’s output is the critical soil test value (CSTV) or the soil test level above which you do not expect a yield increase (correlation). We are working to add frequency of response information, a fertilizer nutrient-rate calibration component for phosphorus and potassium output and an additional nutrient, sulfur, to the tool.

This FRST project has been created to:

  • Increase the transparency of soil test evaluation by promoting clear and consistent interpretations of crop nutrient soil test results and yield responsiveness.
  • Remove political and institutional bias from soil test interpretation.
  • Store and manage crop soil fertility data and assist in the advancement of science related to soil testing.
  • Enhance end-user awareness, confidence, and adoption of soil-test based crop nutrient management recommendations.
  • Provide a collaborative environment for discussing and communicating the issues, needs, and science of soil-test-based nutrient recommendations.

The FRST decision aid is a browser-based tool that can be successfully used on desktop and notebook computers. The decision aid will work on mobile devices but there may be some display issues depending on screen resolution and orientation. Work is continuing to design the decision aid so it can be used across a broad range of devices. There are no known browser-specific issues.